Employee Exit Checklist Workflow

The Employee Exit Checklist Flow is used by Human Resources departments to automate the process of recovering company belongings from a departing employee. The HR manager initiates the Employee Exit Checklist Flow to collect information needed to recover all company belongings from a departing employee. This data includes personal details, a list of belongings to be recovered, billing and legal review details, and can be used to update HR records or other databases.

The airSlate Employee Exit Checklist Maintains Company Belongings

It often happens that companies provide the staff with the necessary equipment for work, like smartphones, cars, PCs, entry cards, etc. Once the employee decides to quit the job, one should return all the company belongings before leaving.

The common practice is that the staff member returns belongings to the relevant unit and as proof get a signature on the Employee Exit Checklist. In practice, it's very inconvenient and time-consuming to enter every department’s office and request a signature. Nowadays it can be done via an HTML-form on your device.

Besides efficient workflow management, the Employee Exit Checklist Flow also results in a list of advantages both for the company and staff:

  1. Speeds up the procedure.
  2. It helps to avoid rework or double work.
  3. Can be available on intranet or in a link via email.
  4. Notification Bots assure the form has been successfully submitted and received by HR
  5. The form is available 24/7
  6. It saves costs, time and effort.

Automated internal processes will help HR optimize their workflow and achieve more with less effort.

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